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Priyanka Chopra reveals the real reason why she moved to Hollywood



why prianka chopra moved to hollywood

Priyanka Chopra is widely recognized as a global icon, having attained top billing as an actress in Bollywood. Following her success in India, she ventured into Hollywood and played a pivotal role in promoting Indian culture worldwide. Recently, the celebrity opened up about the actual reason that drove her to leave Bollywood and pursue her career in the West. Chopra revealed that she was dealing with some unsavory business associates at the time, and it was her manager, Anjula Acharia, who came to her rescue.

After spotting Priyanka in a music video, Acharia recognized her potential for success in the West. Acharia contacted Priyanka to gauge her interest in pursuing a music career in the US. Although hesitant at first, Priyanka eventually decided to explore opportunities in Hollywood.

In an interview with Dax Shepherd on his show Armchair Expert (Bollywood), Priyanka revealed that she felt backed into a corner in the industry. She shared that she wasn’t getting cast in roles, faced conflicts with certain individuals, and due to her inability to play the game well, she was weary of the politics involved. Hence, she decided to take a break.

Priyanka went on to explain, “The music opportunity allowed me to explore another part of the world, without having to chase movie roles that didn’t interest me. Instead, I could network with specific groups and individuals. Having already put in a lot of work, I didn’t feel like I needed to grovel or put on a show.”

Priyanka’s breakthrough in Hollywood came in 2015 with her debut on the television series Quantico, where she played the lead role of FBI agent Alex Parrish. The show’s massive success earned her widespread acclaim and a considerable fan following in the US. Currently, she is gearing up for the release of Citadel by the Russo Brothers.

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