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Neha Kakkar Was Upset On New Year’s Eve?



Neha Kakkar was upset

Neha Kakkar has sent a letter to Rohanpreet Singh, her “dream husband,” in which she explains how she felt upset on stage since he was not present on New Year’s Eve. Because they were performing in different cities, the two performers could not be together to ring in the New Year.

Sharing throwback pictures of them together, Neha wrote on Instagram, “I miss you…. This pic was clicked last year and last night we were not together coz Rohu was performing in Pahalgam Kashmir and Me in Goa. I was dying to speak to him at 12 last night but that couldn’t happen coz of my performance,

Hence, I got emotional on stage and I didn’t even tell rohu about it till now coz I was really embarrassed about crying one more time on stage. But being so emotional I couldn’t control my emotions coz rohu was not with me and I wanted to hug him tight and wish happy new year. But I’m really happy about the fact that both of us were working on the last day of the year and were entertaining people.”

Neha also invited him to celebrate the New Year with her, saying, “Now baby I can’t wait to see you today. Waiting for you to reach me. Love you My Dream Husband! Happy New Year Everyone and My #NeHearts I Love each one of You. #NehaKakkar.”

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