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Blackberry Closed! Is That True?



Blackberry shut down

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BlackBerry used to be the market leader in smart mobile devices, but that appears to be ending. Phones will no longer receive provisioning services on January 4, 2022, meaning they will progressively lose their ability to connect to networks, including the cellular network.

The Legendary BlackBerry’s History

BlackBerry used to be renowned as a top-of-the-line smartphone that ran on its own BlackBerry servers, giving customers a high level of security and control, according to ArsTechnica.

There were many BlackBerry Android spin-offs in the early days of smartphones, as opposed to iPhone spin-offs. Unlike Android developers, BlackBerry’s leadership was caught off guard by the iPhone’s success.

Android and Apple Devices’ Ascension

To keep its market share, it ignored on-screen keyboards and even relied on its monopoly on corporate services. Furthermore, it took Apple more than a year after the iPhone’s release to introduce its own touch screen, with its software staying an “awkward” mix of old and new for an extended period.

Meanwhile, business users began to prefer Apple and Android phones, forcing IT departments to support them. To expand, BlackBerry abandoned its phones and began releasing Android equivalents before quitting the hardware market entirely.

The most recent version of BlackBerry OS was released in 2013.

Because the most recent version of the BlackBerry OS was launched in 2013, the afflicted devices are now deemed obsolete. This simply implies that the promised term of assistance has passed.

On the previous device maker’s FAQ website, the entire consequence of the support end is outlined. Furthermore, no provisioning updates will be sent to the devices by the company.

BlackBerry features that will cease to function

Provisioning information describes how particular devices should connect to different types of networking equipment, such as Wi-Fi networks and cellular networks. As a result, networking changes will no longer allow BlackBerry handsets to connect to them at some unspecified time in the future.

BlackBerry warns that the devices will be unable to successfully handle data, phone calls, 911 capabilities, and even SMS. Aside from that, many software gadgets rely on connecting to BlackBerry servers to function. According to the magazine, certain users who still use BlackBerry World or BlackBerry Link devices would be unable to utilise them after January 4th. Furthermore, the number of persons who will be affected is unlikely to be large.

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