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How To Use Pinterest To Make Your Blog Popular



How To Use Pinterest To Make Your Blog Popular

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Pinterest is an American app that allows you to share pictures. Pinterest is a social media app. It helps you to find the ideas like recipes, home decoration, style inspiration, and much more than that. Pinterest is more popular than other apps because they keep its focus on the messages and Pinterest keeps its focus on images. It pins the most attractive pictures which people share for specific reasons. Pinterest can bring more people to your blog and websites as compared to YouTube, Google Plus, Reddit, and LinkedIn.

There is an interesting thing about Pinterest which is that almost 97% of searches that are made are unbranded which means that people want to know general information about any topic or product. Pinterest is one of the best ways to make your blog popular and attract traffic towards it. You can post your best content and make it grow in front of the right people. We are sure you also want to bring traffic to your blog and you want to know how you can use Pinterest to attract and increase the traffic. Just keep reading the article so that you don’t miss anything.

Reviewing Your Blog

You have to make sure that your blog is user-friendly. Keep in mind that if your blog takes time to load the chances of people reading your content would be less. This is the only time when your blog should get loaded very quickly so the reader doesn’t have to wait for it and your content doesn’t get lower chances to get read. Your content should be written in easy words so that the reader can read and understand it easily. The colors and fonts size also matters and they should be outstanding.

Research The Topics Of Your Blog

Pinterest works like the browser. You want to know what is the search target of your audience related to the topic of your blog. For example, if your blog is about raising kids, then your content should match your topic and what people are searching for. There are two very easy ways to find out.

The first way to know about what people search is to use Pinterest trends. This is a great way to get seasonal patterns with your content.

Another one is just to start typing all the queries in the search bar of Pinterest. Pinterest will autofill the queries. Each autofill in the queries is the keyword that people use.

Use Appropriate Keywords

You should have a long list of topics and keywords. You will generate your blog posts related to these topics. Once you are done with your topics and they are ready to go, then you need to create your pins.

The description and headings are very important and they matter a lot here. You can use Canva to create your pictures. Moreover, Pinterest is a web browser and you have to improve and cover these areas so that your keyword appears. That is how the algorithm will come to know what your content is about.

New Pins

If you have been a blogger and been blogging for a while then you must have pins more than one that drives the majority of people to your blog. These are the pins that last for longer and get shared again and again.

Since the pins are so important on Pinterest, they always remain at the top of related search topics. Pinterest modified its algorithm over the last year, to give more importance to fresh pins.

Old pins can attract the traffic of people but not as much as the new pin can. Pinterest always wants to generate new content, images, headline, and description on a regularly.

How To Attract People To Your Blog Through Pinterest

Pinterest is a lot different than other social apps. In a lot of ways, it is a visual browser. If you keep your focus on Pinterest from that point of view, it is very easy and simple for you to figure out how you can use Pinterest to attract traffic to your website. All you need to know is your audience and the way they search things on Pinterest.

When you are done with that and get success in sending the people to your blog, make sure that your blog gives them a great experience.


Pinterest helps bloggers to make their blogs popular and bring traffic to their sites. They can pin their best posts and content that people can search for. We hope you enjoyed this article and now you know how you can use Pinterest to make your blog popular. If there are any questions in your mind regarding this article, please feel free to drop down your comment so we can help you.

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