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How Important Electronic Signature Is?



How Important Electronic Signature Is

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In the latest era, everything depends upon technological digital devices and one of its advancements is the electronic signature. It is not the past years in which you have to write the mails manually and then post them. Now all you need to do is just type it on your mobile device and send it from the comfort of your home. No matter where you are and what time it is, it is very easy to send an electronic mail. Contrary to the old times, electronic mails can be sent and received in seconds.

What Is An Electronic Signature?

An electronic signature or e-signature is an electronic form of data that can be sent from one device and person to another. This signature is legally associated with the person who writes the email or the head of a company from which you receive the email. This type of signature of the signatory is added at the end of the mail. The electronic signature is valued the same as the handwritten signature and it is a completely legal concept from the digital signatures. Electronic signatures can be simply your name, the name of your company, or anything that matches your mail.

Types Of Electronic Signature

Two types of electronic signatures that are used are given below.

  • The one type of electronic signature is that it duplicates the original signature which is known as a softcopy.
  • Another type we have is that the one who enters their name and it is entitled as a digital signature.

Where You Can Use An Electronic Signature?

Electronic signatures are very beneficial for business mails, organizations, money transactions, and contracts with companies, etc. Electronic signatures can also be used for filling any important document or online forms. These e-signatures help you to increase your business and make your tasks simple and quick. These signatures are very safe. When you have your electronic signature, you don’t need to keep your pen and paper with you. Just type the mail you want to send and add your e-signature at the end of your mail and you are done here.

How To Make An Electronic Signature?

You can create your electronic signature on your phone with help of word and as well as by going into the settings of your phone. The steps are as follows.

1- Make An Electronic Signature Through Word

  • Open the app of word 
  • Draw your signature with help of your finger or you can also use Stylus
  • Upload the picture of your signature
  • Now use your cursor to draw your signature
  • Use your keyboard to type in your signature
  • Your signature is ready to use with the help of Word.

2- Make An Electronic Signature Through Settings

Go to your messages, tap on options

Choose more options, and in that list click the dialog box launcher in the lower right corner

Now choose security settings, and then click on the Add digital signature to this message text box

Tap Ok and then click on close

Here you are successfully done for making an electronic signature.

Benefits Of Electronic Signature

There are numerous benefits of electronic signatures. A few of them are explained below. 

1- Time Efficient

It is not difficult for us to manage and get the signatures of the party if they are in the same city or a country. But what if the party you are making deal with is in another country or state and you want to get the signatures. It is a great hassle for both parties and it takes a lot of time and you will have to set a meetup just for the signature. In that case, an electronic signature is a savior for you and your time. You can make use of an electronic signature in that situation and the signature is marked online at an instant which is beneficial for both parties. This will save time and make work easy and quick for both parties.

2- Signatory And Signature Are Authenticated

Before they allow any of their client to use electronic signatures the priority is to verify the clients first. Each signature that is made by the signatory is checked multiple times so that no blackmailing and the confirmation of the signatures and the signatory also helps to approve him from the given records by him. There are very few chances of fraud in e-signatures because the signatures are checked several times. This makes sure the security and authenticity of the entire system. Due to the secure electronic signatures are spreading worldwide and are used by various organizations.  

3- Fast Assistance

Electronic signatures provide very fast service to its all clients in their business. All they need to do is just open their phone or laptop, type the mail they want to send without any need for paper, pen, envelopes, stamps, and the address of the person you want to send the mail to. Type the mail, add the email id of the receiver, and add your signature and you can just send the mail in seconds. The receiver can sign it and send it to you within seconds and all is done without any hassle. It completes your task quickly so you can focus on important things, saves a lot of time and effort. The document can be signed anywhere anytime. 

4- Good For The Environment  

Electronic signature has made the use of paper very less which is good for the environment. It also helps you to save your money. Doing your work on paper requires a lot of effort. Paperless work can assist you towards fewer difficulties and supports businesses in a good way. There are a lot of forms and documents and each of them requires your signature and you can make it easy and quick with the help of electronic mail and by not using paper. All such paperwork and the associated cost can be saved and used for contributing to the environment. 

5- Provides Security To Crucial Documents

The signature is completely secured and is used to seal the document so that no one can steal your document or can make changes to it. The person whose signature is added can only access the document and no other person is allowed to get access to the document, make changes, or steal it. If anyone tries to steal the document, they won’t be able to do that because it is secured with the security system and is sealed with the signature. No changes can be made in the document when it’s once sealed. It is very difficult to apply these security procedures in real life. It saves a lot of struggle and time and increases security. However, it is very safe to use an electronic signature. It makes our work very easy, quick, and simple. E-signatures also help you to convert a physical signature into a digital one.

Guaranteed Security

In the world of technology and digital devices, an electronic signature guarantees the security of your document. If anyone sends you the mail and then after some time, they decline it they can get into some trouble because the electronic signature is a legitimate and a legally accepted form of authorization. In case of declining, you can file a case of fraud on them. 


An electronic signature is a very beneficial advancements technology has made in the field of business. It has comforted the business communities in this tough time of the global pandemic. We hope you enjoyed this article and it remained helpful for you. If there are any other questions, please let us know in the comments section.  

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