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Part-Time Marriage Declared Haram In Egypt



Part-Time Marriage Declared Haram In Egypt

According to the latest news, there has been a rise in “part-time” marriages in Egypt. The country’s council Dar Al-Iftaa on Sunday announced that such marriages have no conception in Islamic teachings and warned about any such move. If anyone makes a move regarding part-time marriage, it would be contradictory to the Islamic concept of marriage, haram (forbidden), and invalid. 

When the debate started in Egypt on part-time marriages on social media, all the advantages and disadvantages of this new trend began to appear. Dar Al-Iftaa warned the Egyptian’s that renaming the contract of marriage is an attempt to show off, gain cheap fame, and weaken the traditions of religious Islam.

Furthermore, Dar Al-Iftaa says that the marriage contract should not focus on the revolution of expressions. New terms regarding marriage are used in the sense of mut’ah marriage. Terms of this nature are an attempt to weaken the reputation and values and also to create more confusion in the society. There is no permission for such activities in Islam at all. 

He stated that many people are trying to make their marriage contract temporary by renaming it. For this, people are using the part-time term for their benefit. He said there is no such concept in Islam. This kind of action is considered completely haram and is forbidden.   

Dr. Ahmad Karima from Abu Dhabi, a professor of Comparative Jurispendance at Al Azhar University, gave his statement on part-time marriages. Karima told an Egyptian TV talk show about the conditions of marriage in Islam according to Sharia. Marriage is the agreement between two partners, witnesses, and the marriage settlement. “Once these conditions are met, the marriage becomes legitimate, and entails rights, including shared inheritance, cohabitation, and enjoyment and a  legitimate way.”

Karima also spotted, “On cannot prohibit or criminalize part-time marriage, as long as the marriage contract fulfills the conditions. Unlike temporary marriage, which is limited to a period of one or two months or more, which is void in Islam, part-time marriage is legitimate.”

After that many people in Egypt thought that it is allowed in Sharia and Islam. So, they tried to change the marriage into temporary marriage for a few months. That’s why Dar Al-Iftaa warned people about temporary marriages and explained to them that it is forbidden in Islam. 

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